We have been so blessed in this process of pregnancy, birth and first weeks of life. On this page we would like to share some of these blessings.

Note: for some reason, the phone number on the card is incorrect. If you want to schedule an appointment to meet Atlas, please text Kasper on +31646276697 or Anna on +4915258126250 

About the name

We both loved the name Atlas ever since we randomly discussed baby names when we first met. Though many people think of Atlas as doomed to carry the weight of the world, in the myths it was actually his task to stand with his feet on the earth and to hold up the heavens with his hands. Because he held up the heavens, he was responsible for moving the stars, and thus made it possible for the world to navigate. To us this name is about navigation, strength and endurance.

The name Adrian is after Kasper’s grandfather “Diederik Adrianus”. Fun fact: the only Dutch person ever to be pope was from Utrecht, where we live. His name was Adrianus and he was appointed to be pope on 9th of January 1522…exactly 500 years before our Atlas Adrian was born in Utrecht. We only learned this after his birth when the city of Utrecht dubbed 2022 “The year of Adrianus”.


Our birth story

Anna wrote a beautiful 10 – piece story about the process of Atlas’ birth. It is posted to her Instagram in 10 different posts. Click here to read it.

About the card

We came up with this idea for the card and our friend Jonas Louisse drew it into this beautiful artpiece. Resting safely with the mother, grounded in the earh, connected to the heavens with his star sign shining bright above for navigation. Click the video to watch the timelapse. 

Small heart, big love

After first hearing his heartbeat at the ultrasound and deciding on his name, Kasper wrote this song on the handpan to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Skip the gifts, plant a tree!

As mentioned in the birth card, we prefer to not receive any gifts. We are blessed to have all we need and more. We would however love if you help support his (and all our) future by planting trees in his name. Just click the button and plant away! 

Hey daar lieve Atlas

Our friend, pop singer Daniel Kist was inspired to write this beautiful song when he heard that Atlas was born. We’ve thrown in a few cute pics of Atlas. Enjoy!

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