My dearest humans,

I am beyond delighted to share with you this official invitation to the Breathwork Masterclass Alumni Gathering. This 5-day all inclusive retreat will be focused on an immersive sharing, co-creating and healing experience for each of us. We will create and co-facillitate many magical moments by bringing our collective skills, knowledge and modalities together.

The gathering will take place at the amazing retreat centre of New Eden. Here we will have access to 2 beautiful meditation / breathwork / ceremony rooms, a cosy living room with a fire place and lots of beautiful natural surroundings.



Mornings will start with a cacao and / or microdose and intention setting, taken into deep experimental breathwork sessions, guided with live music. Followed by deep sharing, moments of shared healing and a wonderful organic meal. 

Afternoons we will work on different projects (see list below) and follow our creative compass, discuss case studies, develop new breathing techniques, brainstorm innovative modalities and simply share presence and love. 

Evenings will be spent around the fireplace, making music, enjoying sauna and cold plunge and an array of available biohacking tools. 

Special activities: 

  • Build your own Shaman drum and learn to play it (YES it will be your friend for life)
  • Full dose psychedelic truffle ceremony (Say what?!)
  • Daily wood stove sauna and cold plunge (O hell yeah!)
  • Assortment of available biohacks like infrared light, spike mats, massage tools, nootropics, medicinal mushrooms etc. (also bring your fav tools!)

Arrival on Wednesday morning at 09:00 (9 am)
Departure on Sunday afternoon at 16:00 (4 pm)
Included: All meals (organic, vegetarian) and accommodation

Since this invite only goes out to masterclass alumni, you already know what kind of amazing humans you’re gonna hang with. This also means that right now the invitation is only going out to 30 people and I really hope that many of you will commit 🙂 Should you have a spouse or significant other who is familiar/experienced with the work, I’m open to welcoming them as well, as it could be a tremendous bonding experience, please let me know if that’s the case.

We can do all of this for only €1500 (ex VAT).

How to sign up 
Log in to your account on (where you also access the Masterclass lectures). There you will find the option to sign up in the “shop” area with either the full price or a 20% deposit.
If you do not have that information please email

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