Hi! My name is Kasper.

Bestselling Author
Breathwork Specialist
Storyteller & Public Speaker
Founder and Head Teacher at Breathwork Masterclass
Co-Founder of Move Lift Act Breathe

Adventurously curious in the art and science of Breathwork, Biohacking, influencing the nervous system and anything related to human optimisation.

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Improve sleep, support immunity, release stress, enhance athletic performance, empower leadership, burn fat, strengthen focus… all of these and many more are just a few breaths away. 

My brand new, full-scale Online Breathwork Masterclass will teach you key principles to optimise your life through the skill of breathing. After this you will be able to understand and apply any breathing technique or method out there, and know how to access desired state through conscious breathing.

The course  is packed with science, theory, and application. It’s a great fit for anyone who is serious about mastering their breath. Both for personal practitioners and coaching professionals who want to expand their toolkit and deepen their understanding and teaching.

I like writing books

Like the international bestseller “MindLift – Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind”


I like telling stories

I travel the world to teach about the art and science of self optimisation through engaging stories and immersive experiences. 

They call me the Breathwork Biohacker

I teach people the art and science of Breathwork, to hack stress, increase performance and access altered states of consciousness. 

I was featured in…

New York Times Bestseller "What Doesn't Kill Us" by Scott Carney

“Kasper has the advantage of seeing the underlying principles and putting them into plain Dutch (and English). As an experienced science teacher, he’s trained in breaking down complex ideas into bitesized and digestible chunks. I have trouble wrapping my mind around his amount of concentration.”

~ Excerpt from a full chapter about how I healed my broken arm through focused breathwork.

Amazon nr. 1 Bestseller "Drug Of Choice" by Mark van Stratum

“Kasper was the kind of guy you could really talk to, who would give you the feeling he really understood. He was not judgmental. He was the kind of person I had to be honest with…like pretending was futile because he’d see right through me. He was full of energy and walked and talked fast. Instead of just accepting the world the way it was presented to him, he realized he had the option to change it and do good for others. He magnified that personality into a successful business.”

~Excerpt from full chapter about my success in Lifestyle Business.

Ben Greefields Fitness

This guy is pretty dang interesting!
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The Way Within Podcast

Kasper is one of the top trainers in the world. We talked about how a few simple changes helpt him transform his life.
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Vancouver Real

“Kasper has a wealth of knowledge and had our audience hanging on to his every word”
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Storytime With UncleCreepy

He might be my favorite guest yet. This guy can actually explain the stuff he’s claiming!
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Mojo Radio Show

We had so much fun talking to this guy!
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Human Experience Podcast

“Kasper is totally on the mark with every word”
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FlowGrade Show

The practical tips and tricks to optimize your focus are just the best!
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Collective Evolution Stories

Kasper is an inspiring guy who used a few simple tools to pull himself out of a dark place that many people are in.
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I also really like people, and some even like me back!

Brian Mackenzie

Brian Mackenzie

World Class Elite Performance and Breathing Expert

I have worked with Kasper and witnessed pieces his life. I have met no teacher to date who has grasped the concept of education better than he has. His work will get you to your own personal place of empowerment and creativity.
Tom Shields

Tom Shields

Olympic Gold Medalist Rio 2016

Kasper taught me to listen to the body and respond to my needs, while growing control of my fight-or-flight vs. rest-and-recover systems to my needs. The truly great thing about learning from Kasper is the effectiveness of his explanation and teaching. By lifting the curtain of the science so simply and understandably, I found it super easy to decide which methods could be used where in my training and performance preparation.
Charlie Winston

Charlie Winston

Nr 1 Hit Recording and Performing Artist

Kasper always asks the right questions, quickly discerning where the patterns of behaviour have been formed and which solutions there are for certain life blocks. He is pragmatic, yet playful, serious, yet childlike, well informed yet not fixed in his thoughts. And he understands that being a teacher is being a student, which is why his passion in teaching really shines.
Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher

Ziva Meditation - leading meditation for performance expert.

I invited Kasper to teach at one of the Ziva Meditation retreats and he rocked it! His ability to communicate a large amount of complex knowledge in a short period of time is stellar. Everyone who experienced the breathing exercises were moved by their intensity and how great they felt afterwards… including me. I am personally inspired by his story of dealing with his own pain and healing. Watching him dance the dance between father and entrepreneur has been a lesson for me as I move into motherhood. I highly recommend working with him!
Mikko Kemppe

Mikko Kemppe

World Class Dancer, Founder of Biohacking Center Finland

I have been testing the most cutting edge biohacking methods for over 20 years. However, what I learned from Kasper in a single weekend inspired me to dedicate myself daily to these tremendously effective principles. Not only to propel my successful dance career further, but to enhance my life in all areas. Kasper breaks down the complex into the practical, in an inspiring way. If you are serious about personal development, find this guy!
Dr Trisha Smith

Dr Trisha Smith

Sports Therapist, Wim Hof Method Instructor

Through all of the education in my life in the fields of science, biology and chiropractic school, Kasper has excelled as one of the best. He is masterful at taking complex topics and making them simple. He uses innovative education techniques to teach in creative and empowering ways. If you want to be a better human and optimize your potential, just spend some time learning from this guy.
Patrick Eckstein

Patrick Eckstein

CEO of William Painter fashion

Kasper is not only an amazing, humble, kind, generous human being… but he is also one of the best all around teachers I have ever encountered in all my days of education. The Deep Dive Retreat was hands down one of the most profound and life changing things I have ever done. It was not just his ability to explain and show his methods, but it was his attention to each individual.  He has all the knowledge in the world, but he allowed us all to find our own method and take away from it what we needed. I could say this again and again, but there is nothing better than Kasper’s teaching. 
Diana Christinson

Diana Christinson

MA Psychology, Owner of “Pacific Ashtanga"

Kasper is one of my top life teachers! I felt total support and trust in Kasper’s instruction. He has an amazing depth of knowledge and was able to inspire me to want to know the science that supports these methods. Whether we were practicing breath, meditating in 33 degree water or studying biology, Kasper knew his stuff and in the end, made sure we did. My training with Kasper has been transformative and life changing.   

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