Date: 26-28 Febraury 2021
Location: New EdenSpanjeburd, Friesland, Netherlands
Start: 17:00 (5pm) on Friday.
End: 16:00 (4pm) on Sunday.
Included: 2 nights stay & all meals.
Excluded: Travel to New Eden.
Price is €750 (In. 21% btw/vat). 

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Breathwork is the most powerful, transformative and most available tool for self optimisation and deep inner work.

At any given moment you carry these tools of breath within you to improve performance, enhance focus, get more sleep, feel less stress, process emotions and be more present…But chances are you’re not even using those tools at 10% of their potential. Breathing practice can be teadiuous, vague and sometimes veiled in traditional or spiritual terms and rituals that don’t give the most clarity.

The biohacker way is to figure out the underlying principles of human biology and breathwork. To see beyond the specifics and deeply understand the mechanisms that make something work. And then to take that understanding and translate it into the simplest, most effective shortcut to get the desired result.

In this retreat we will combine deep multidisciplinary breathing practices with clear scientific explanations into a personalised breathing plan that you can take into your daily life. It will allow you to reprogram your breathing for optimal health, to learn to give your body the deep rest it needs, to process layers of emotion that are normally out of reach and to access any state of being you want through strategic breathing.


Over the last 5 years I’ve explored and experimented with every breathing technique I could find. I’ve been honoured to work closely with some of the key influencers in this new movement of modern, science based breathing. I’ve been fortunate to learn from experts, scientists, doctors and teachers from all kinds of disciplines about the ways they see breathwork in relation to health, performance and general well-being. Thanks to my years of experience as a science teacher, I was able to translate these learnings in to clear and digestible explanations and practices for the modern world.

Simultaneously, I’ve had the opportunity to apply these learnings to thousands of humans. By teaching breathwork in group settings, and by working in a close 1-1 setting with elite performers, special operators, top athletes and the likes. I’ve tinkered with and experimented on all these people, with the aim of helping them move forward while simultaneously honing my craft and innovating my skillset through each and every one of them.

My path has been a continuous feedback loop of learning from the others – applying to people – tinkering and innovating – seeing results – taking their feedback – explaining through science – reintegrate into a new experiment or technique. This feedback loop still feeds me every day and has lead to a bulk of experience in this field, and I want to share it with you. I’m not planning to turn this into my own “method” or “technique”. I am no master, but I am a teacher at heart and all I want to do with this experience is share it with people that can truly use it.

So by popular demand I crafted the 5-day “Breathwork Masterclass” to help breathing /performance / fitness / life -coaches enhance their understanding of breathing and use it as a tool for deep work with their clients. The success of this course was beyond my imagination and I’ve received many requests to do a shorter version for personal application. I decided to design a teaching strategy that compresses all of my best insights into a 3-day high-intensity learning experience. That’s how “Biohacking Breathwork” was born.

This is not meant to replace or compete with any breathing program out there, but to honestly share what I have learned, in my teaching style, with people that resonate with it. This is not a coaches certification, this is not a pre-defined linear course, this is diving deep into a creative process of self development as a human, as a coach, as a breather.


We will implement as many innovative teaching / learning strategies and brainhacks as possible to ensure a deep learning / transforming experience. We will be using the same tools of hyper focus and deep learning that I’ve used to for example speedlearn skills and write my book in 30 days. There will be no course guide to reference or video/audio recordings to put your brain in a lazy “I’ll check it out later” mode (I will share an extensive reading list for those who want to dive in).

It will be submersive, experiential and sometimes confronting on a personal level. Life happens now, breath happens now, pay attention, you may miss it. Our classroom will be a no-phone-zone except for very specific processing moments where we will use technology in our favour.

The educational tools include:

  • Deep breathing sessions to access altered states
  • Fun & simple but deep science theory lectures
  • Self-assessing your breathing quality
  • Mapping out your nervous system
  • Journaling exercises to consolidate your progress
  • Guided meditations to physically store memories
  • Sharing circles to go beyond the cognitive layer
  • Making a personalised plan for integration in daily life



With a biohackers’ persspective, we will look at the fundamental principles of breathwork that explain how breathing works across disciplines. After this you should be able to understand any breathwork technique or method out there.

This part includes:

  • The foundations of biohacking
  • General breathing physiology
  • Biochemical functions of O2, CO2, NO
  • Breathing and metabolic processes (mitochondria, energy, etc)
  • Anatomy and mechanics of respiratory system
  • Breathing interactions with the nervous system and polyvagal theory
  • Workings of breath holding, superventilation and minimal breathing
  • Understanding key breathing “knobs and levers” and how mind and body respond to changes in breathing
  • Timed breathing patterns to trigger specific states
  • Cyclic and strategic breathing patterns for athletic performance


We’ll work on improving your breathing quality with every single breath you take. We’ll use massage techniques, diaphragm openers and exercises you can take home. You’ll also learn how to tie in your  breathing behaviour with other life behaviour and lifestyle factors like sleep, digestion, mental calm, stress behaviour and fight/flight strategies. With enough practice you’ll be able to shift your state of mind and body with just a few conscious breaths.

This part includes:

  • Determining your own breathing decifiencies
  • Mapping out your nervous system
  • Hacking into your stress response
  • Learning to calm the body and help it restore and recover
  • Bodywork interventions to improve breathing mechanics
  • Restoring regenerative nervous system functions through breathing
  • Implementing breathing interventions in your daily lifestyle
  • Find or make your own ideal breathing protocols
  • Goal-based breathing interventions for focus, energy, sleep, digestion, sports recovery, performance & productivity


We’ll look at the key elements that trigger altered states and especially the states that allow for breakthrough insights and emotional processing. These breathing sessions will be facilitated with live music and assisted by multiple experienced breathing coaches to ensure a wonderful safe space in which you can do your own deep inner work.

This part includes:

  • Understanding emotional / physical responses through polyvagal theory
  • Using mental releasing and emotional processing techniques to work with what comes up in a breathing session
  • Using chanting styles and movement triggers to go deeper


This all inclusive retreat experience starts on the early Friday afternoon with dinner, followed by an evening program. It will end on the sunday afternoon. The program includes 2 meals per day, effectively skipping breakfast in order to have an empty stomach for the deep early morning breath practice. Snacks and drinks are available at all times. We can accommodate any dietary requirements. The maximum group size is 45. There will be several experienced breathing coaches available for more personal questions and 1-1 work if the program allows. We have an intensive program, filled from early morning until the evening. But don’t worry, everything is accessible for people of all shapes, sizes, ages, levels etc. and there will be plenty of time for good old Dutch “gezelligheid” around the fireplace. If you have any health concerns like heart, pulmonary, auto immune or mental health issues, please contact us before signing up.


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